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Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles Sr


Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles Sr, born in New York City, has a remarkable journey of faith and service. As a youth growing up in New York, he actively participated in various ministries at his home church, St. Matthews Baptist Church. His call to Christian Ministry came in 1987, and he graduated from the NYC Theological Seminary School that same year.

Pastor Coles continued his educational pursuits to further equip himself for ministry. He attended the St. Luke Baptist Church Disciple Class, where he learned under the teaching of Rev. Dr. J.G. McCann Sr., who holds degrees including A.A, B.A, M DIV, and S.T.M. D.MIN.

In 2006, Pastor Coles relocated to Greenville, North Carolina, where God called him to establish his own ministry. In January 2007, he founded The Children of God in Christ Church in Greenville. His focus remains on building God’s kingdom, fostering community, and serving God’s people.

Pastor Coles’s vision expanded in the fall of 2007 with the birth of Churches Outreach Network. This initiative is centered on reaching out to the community, especially those who were not part of the body of Christ or attending a church. The network provides community referrals, resources, assistance, and support to those in need. Pastor Coles believes that everyone deserves access to the message of Jesus, regardless of their background.

Through Churches Outreach Network, several impactful ministries emerged, including The Inter-Faith Clergy, where pastors, ministers, and community leaders come together monthly to address community needs. Additionally, the Community Action Committee collaborates with law enforcement and faith-based organizations.

Pastor Rodney Coles Sr. is blessed with a supportive partner, Debra L. Coles, whom he has known for 37 years. Together, they share the responsibilities placed on his life. Pastor Coles emphasizes the importance of working together in love, believing that “Teamwork makes the dream work.” 🙏🏽

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